Institutional space of the Ministry of Defence

Institutional space of the ministry of Defence

Organized around three booths, the French Ministry of Defence reflects the reality of global threats that could also concern the French national territory.

The 2.200m² booth showcases the key equipment used by a SCORPION joint service tactical battle group.

The main assets of this joint force are presented through visual immersive presentations that highlight their operational capabilities and technological performance.

The future major assets of the joint force, the GRIFFON APC and JAGUAR medium tank show off their performances in a large format holographic presentation.

Set in an operational scenography, the enhanced LECLERC MBT and VBCI IFV, both crucial when dealing with tactical objectives, are engaged to cope with the wide range of threats. In support, the French army aviation delivers firepower with the TIGER and ensures freedom of maneuver with the unparalleled flight-endurance of the multi-role NH90. 40 km away from the combat zone, the CAESAR self-propelled howitzer delivers all of its firepower in support of the joint ground force while integrated air defence is provided by SAMP/T, CMD3D and GM200-400 radars. Finally, cyber and intelligence assets contribute in a decisive part to the success of the joint operation. In an adapted configuration, this same force ensures the protection of the national territory, a role in which personnel support is of primary importance.

In this area, the French armaments procurement agency (DGA) presents a “research innovations” hub dedicated to equipment and innovations that enhance operational capability and highlight the SMEs in the defence sector.

One of the key operational success factors is the operational readiness cycle which is highlighted on a 250 m² display area dedicated to defence simulation. The implementation of new generation assets requires skilled and regularly trained personnel mastering combat procedures and weapons’ system. While avoiding the constraints of training in the field, this simulation provides realistic training on base. Each operational function is built on a complete simulation system: SPARTACUS, SOULT, SIMFAC, SEMBA, SECDEB, SC1,… A distributed simulation with all these components is displayed and provides an insight into the realities of connected combat in the field.

Without efficient petroleum support, military actions are not feasible. The Joint POL Service (SEA) on a 600 m² display area, presents the equipment deployed daily to overseas theatres of operations. As a completely Independent provider, it manages, transports, stores and distributes fuel as close as possible to the forces, whether it be on national territory or overseas theatres of operations. It contributes to the French strategic capacity in Entry Operations.

Come along and share the experience of these defence professionals who offer you their technical and operational expertise.