Sell while meeting buyers, decision-makers, key influencers and users from the Armed forces and Security Agencies of 130 countries

meeting buyers

2104 figures: 55,784 visitors, 51% international, 143 visiting countries, 172 Official Delegations.

A truly global audience, high level and of increasing quality 

The 2014 Exhibition showed a growth in visitors of 4.3%, with a rate of international visitors higher than that of French visitors for the first time. 

This tendency marks the consecration of continuous efforts by the organizer to attract truly professional visitors.

A strong presence of decision makers

Directors: 3,640 visitors (11%) declare being chairmen, CEOs or belonging to the board of directors in their company.

Official delegations: In 2014, the show has increased by 13% the number of delegations with 172 official delegations from 87 countries and 3 International Organizations, including 44 delegations from the Security domain. Delegations comprised a total of 714 VIPs, including 11 ministers, 26 vice-ministers and secretaries of state, 27 chiefs of staff and 24 national armaments directors. Heads of delegations are assisted by experts regularly detached to the official program, ensuring a comprehensive assessment of the exhibition. As for Security delegations, 18 belonged to the gendarmerie and the police, 9 to emergency services and 6 to industry.
Institutional buyers and users: In this respect, the exhibition received 6,018 (18%) members of the Armed forces and 1,634 (5%) members of the international Security forces, from 110 countries. Among them, 425 are generals, representing the institutional level of decision.

176 “Eurosatory Guests” from 36 countries: experts, officials in charge of programs, procurement, R&D, test centres, etc. with an average presence of two days at the show.

In 2016, the same effort is deployed to offer to exhibitors high qualified visitors and contacts.