Access to the exhibition

Entrance from car parks

Located in a tent at the Outdoor Exhibition Area entrance (PE5c), this entrance offers the following services:

Exhibitors/ Deliveries Access Control

Pedestrians and vehicles access in secured area is subject to accurate rules in building-up period and during the exhibition. The practical term and conditions are described in the exhibitor manual.

Information for exhibitors

Traffic rules, carpark, how to access to the Eurosatory 2018 Secure Area.

Documents to be picked up:

  • Setting-up Instructions (security, restrictions, useful contacts) for stand constructors
  • Exhibitor Manual
  • Visitor Guide


Freight handling operations in the « Secure Area »


They are located in the vicinity of the exclusive Freight Handlers area (P3a).  Only these companies only are accredited by the Organizer and  authorised to operate in the Eurosatory 2018 secure area.


During the opening of the Exhibition an access tent is dedicated to the Exhibitors on Pe5 car parks to avoid them to cross the main road access.

Taxis must be booked in advance

  • during the setting-up and dismantling periods, at the RER train station;
  • during the Exhibition, at marked “Taxi Points” inside the Exhibition Centre (under the Reception Square “Esplanade”).

Pedestrian entrance from RER & Taxis

The organiser’s offices

Grouped together at the Hall 6 main entrance, they are located on two levels:

  • 1st floor (mezzanine) = Commissariat Général
  • Ground floor = Commissariat technique


Exhibition “commissariat general” (organiser’s office):

Located at the entrance to Hall 6, mezzanine floor, it houses the following services:

  • Exhibitors & Visitors’ reception and information
  • Marketing Office/ Exhibitors’ points of contact
  • Security & Safety Office – Logistics
  • Communication (in the Press Centre during the Exhibition)
  • Finance Office – Accounting
  • Mounting Live Demonstrations
  • Access Control (badges)
  • The Official Reception Office

and, located at the Espace Réception 5 (upstairs), Hall 5a Main entrance

  • Official Visits Office


Exhibition “commissariat technique” (Technical office):

Located in Hall 6, ground floor, it houses:

  • the technical officewhich offers the following services:
    • “arrival” and “departure” inventory,
    • all technical installation information concerning Organiser stands (“Business, “Prestige”, turn-key stands, …);


  • the Exhibition Centre Service to Exhibitors:

This is the point of contact with the various departments of the management company of the Parc des Exposition. It is the exclusive service provider for telephone, power, water, gas, compressed air, telephone connections, internet access, slings and hooks. It offers additional services (audio-visual, office services, sound and lighting systems), as well as conference and meeting rooms.

  • The Reception services:installers/decorators/furniture, floral decorations, cleaning and waste removal, hire of electric vehicles, etc.
  • The Health and Safety Protection/HSP Coordinator and the Fire Safety Officerfor the Eurosatory 2018 site.
  • The Medical First Aid Post(Doctor, nurse, resuscitation and evacuation equipment).

In addition, services to Exhibitors and Visitors are to be found in the close vicinity by:

  • Express Solutions: delivery on stand, documents shipping service …
  • Concierge Service (finding answer to any request …): operates a Business Centrewhich carries out all types of office work  (photocopying, faxing and secretarial work)
  • Photo and video reportingon stands, production of CD-ROMs and DVDs for the Exhibition