Institutional space of the Ministry of Home Affairs

As a testimony of its determination to address current security and defence issues, the Ministry of Interior will be part of Eurosatory 2016 through the police and gendarmerie forces, the civil security and the Paris fire brigade. For this exhibition, the Ministry will be presenting, in hall 6 as well as outdoors, its new means such as:

  • The Titus, a six-wheel drive armoured vehicle of 23 metric tons, tested by the RAID.
  • The SHERPA, the GIGN armoured vehicle equipped with a hydraulic ramp that can be deployed to a height of 8.65m.
  • The new equipments of the BAC (anti-crime brigade of the police) and of the PSIG-sabre (surveillance and intervention patrols of the gendarmerie) aimed at answering the terrorist threat: HK G36 assault rifle and enhanced ballistic protection (shield, plate-carrier bullet-proof vest and helmet with bullet-resistant visor).
  • The remotely operated SP-e3 robot for intervention and technical support for the Paris fire brigade. This device is able to support, carry with stretcher and extinguish fires.
  • NEO, a software enabling police officers and gendarmes away on mission to have access to their investigating applications (consulting databases, writing police reports etc).
  • The mobile gendarmerie laboratory, for rapid and high-throughput analysis of a large number of samples with 24 markers tested simultaneously. Within two hours, this laboratory can obtain 21 analysis results. Four new devices of the laboratory will also be shown: GendSAG, DNA swab, Gendvox, voice recognition software, Gendexif, a geolocation tool, Gendmark, a digital watermarking tool.
  • The MAGEC of the civil security, an all-equipped vehicle (computers, Wi-Fi network, satellite connection etc) to ensure operational managing of a crisis as close as possible to the event.