The Eurosatory Guests

Eurosatory Guests are the Exhibition President's personal guests. Due to their positions and activities within Armies, Police or other Security Services Staffs, and Procurement services, their advices have major effects on decisions taken by their authorities. In commercial companies or State Agencies, they can have equivalent positions and activities regarding security and logistics equipment, as well as technologies derived from military applications.


Because their functions make them highly professional Visitors, everything is made to optimize their time on site and increase meeting opportunities. They are specifically welcomed by the Organizer, and they benefit from working facilities on the venue. They benefit from a “Premium service”, including pre-scheduled connexion with Exhibitors they wish to visit.

In 2014, some 176 Eurosatory Guests from 36 countries attended the Exhibition. Professional Visitors who hold such a  responsibility level and want to take benefit from this “Premium service”, may contact the Organiser : click besides and justify your request.