The official exhibition catalogue

The official catalogue is distributed for free and has a print run of 11,000 copies. It is the reference tool for the professionals of the land & air-land Defence and Security domains. This catalogue is given to exhibitors, visitors and Official Delegations attending the exhibition and is largely disseminated.

The online version of the catalogue remains available for two years on the official website. It offers an interactive map allowing the localisation of each booth. This online version also allows to:

  • identify and print the business description and details of each exhibitor,
  • browse by themes, stand numbers, countries, etc.,
  • print the exhibitors list,
  • request appointments with exhibitors by using the online Exhibitors-Visitors connecting service.

Communicate through the Official Exhibition catalogue

Each exhibitor may insert in the official catalogue:

  • 7 lines of text to describe its activities in French and/or in English
  • 2 pictures + 5 lines of text to highlight its products
  • Products pictures are published only with the online catalogue
  • 7 sections of “Classification of products, services and industry” (see above) to list its own products and services

To increase its visibility (advertising pages, company logo,…), the exhibitor can subscribe to pay-offer, described in this brochure.

For more information about the catalogue and other offers please contact:
Hélène Dordolo : +33 1 44 14 58 13


This service is included in the Exhibitors package.