Concierge service

An outstanding concierge service!

Located on the left in the Hall 6 entrance (close to the Information Desk), the Concierge Service welcomes Visitors and Exhibitors.

Here are a few examples of what the Concierge can help during the Exhibition:

  • Finding supplies troubleshooting on the event website: phone or computer AC chargers, stain removers, electrical adapters, earplugs…
  • Changing airline tickets or hotel reservations,
  • Booking shuttles or airport transfers,
  • Organising dinners, cocktail parties or evenings,
  • Showing the Parisian’s Paris during the Show to team members’ spouses…


He manages the Business Service which welcomes Visitors and Exhibitors, providing communication, office technology, printing and copying services all in a single space:

  • Internet connection,
  • Fax service,
  • Photocopies (B&W and colour),
  • Document scanning,
  • Document printing,
  • Business cards,
  • Flyers, Press Releases …