Free WiFi Internet access is provided by the Exhibition Centre and the Organiser in Halls 6, 5a & 5b and in public areas, as well as in the outdoor exhibition area, live demonstration area, and the conferences rooms.

Designed for non-professional use, this access enables users to manage their emails and browse websites that do not require very high data speeds.

Features and restrictions:

  • frequency bands 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz,
  • data transfer speed: 8 Mbps,
  • no password required.

How it works:

  • Turn on WiFi functionality on your device.
  • Search for wireless networks and connect to the Eurosatory2020 WiFi network.
  • Start your internet browser.
  • Enter any web address.
  • The portal page of the free WiFi will appear on screen.
  • Once you have accepted the General Terms and Conditions, you may access the internet.
  • You only need to register once during the entire event.