Badge Registration

The online registration is now available by clicking on the link below.

  • Assigns you a personal badge
  • Ensures you quicker access to the Exhibition
  • Allows you to get access to your personal section (participation letter, registration for conferences…)
  • Helps you to prepare your professional appointments with exhibitors
eurosatory 2018 pre registration

1. Before registration, please make sure that you have:
– an ID photo (.jpg, .png)
– an ID document: passport or ID card (.jpg,.png) you will have to upload.

2. This secured process is mandatory,
(all data will be deleted after the exhibition)
in order to reinforce all attendees security.

« This process is the same as the registration made at the exhibition entrance, however there will be additional wait time »

Image CI Neutralisée - 329-219

You can also neutralise your ID doc in order that it won’t be used for any other purposes than registration.